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Free Membership:

  1. You’ll have the chance to see some free content as a download for the first six months of calendar 2015 .
  2. We inform on the activities of the site , you will be sent emails about news .
  3. In the coming weeks they will be credited for promotional purposes 10 Tokens corresponding to 10 € which you can use to purchase services and / or products inside the shop www.topdick.com byMichelle Ferrari .
  4. Free Live Show , CHANNEL 5 1/2 times a month you will have the opportunity to participate for 10-15 minutes to Live show of Michelle as well as various events that will be broadcast free of charge .

Monthly or Tri-month subscription:

  1. Personal telephone number to Michelle.
  2. No. 4 CHANNELS absolutely DIRECT, 2/3 Live Shows every week.
  3. CHANNEL 1 – MICHELLE Live Show every Tuesday at 23:30 Michelle and her friends.
  4. CHANNEL 2 – ** ROSSELLA VISCONTI Live Show at the opening.
  5. CHANNEL 4 – ** SPICYLAB Live Show, Every Wednesday Mary Rider and Moon Dark at 23: 00, with the participation of Captain Eric, Alabor and their friends.
  6. ** Streaming Live by September of Resumption of production Porno Michelle.
  7. Coupon with 5% discount on the articles of the new Shop www.topdick.com by Michelle Ferrari, a new website exclusively dedicated to shopping with many items, among which are also included objects and used Toys Michelle.
  8. CHAT shared with Michelle. Every week.
  9. Exclusive Video of Michelle and her Friends, exclusive photos and new video. Ability to book a VideoChat staff with Michelle. Besides the subscription is an additional cost for each VidoChat private.
  10. A section dedicated to Casting, to those who want to shoot a video Hard, individual and / or couples. Direct contact with the director to make the video hard, you will be followed at all stages of production.
  11. Exclusive services, Reportage and Live Streaming from major Italian and European fairs Erotic. Reportage on the site: Bergamo Sex of 29/31 August 2014, Garda Sex of 4/5 October 2014, Insbruck Sex of 10/12 October, Extasia of 30/31 January in Lugano, Tuscany Sex on 13/14 March 2015, GardaSEX of 15/17 May 2015, Bergamo Sex of 28/30 August 2015.
  12. Download cartoon “Sexgate” made by Michelle Ferrari.
  13. Download Calendar Michelle Ferrari 2015.

** These activities are subject to change and / or cancellation and constitutes neither the subscription.

  1. Annual subscription.
  2. All benefits about monthly and tri-month plan are included.
  3. Include an exclusive romantic dinner offered by the production with Michelle Ferrari. A car with driver picks the subscriber, then picks up Michelle and head up to the restaurant (no sex, strict confidentiality). The dinner will be organised in a city chosen by the production, however, coming to meet the needs of the subscriber. The production will contact directly with the subscriber to agree for the date.


Select the type of subscription:

  • Monthly subscription – 30.00 € ccBill
  • Tri-month subscription – 75.00 € ccBill
  • Annual subscription – 990.00 € - You can subscribe to this plan only you are alredy registered


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